FX87 (discontinued)


The DOD FX87 EDGE pedal is a signal processor that adds a slight edge to the sound after other signal processing has dulled it. This gives the sound new presence, clarity, and transparency using a unique signal conditioning process that has been re-engineered to fit in DOD's FX pedal chassis.

The EDGE process uses 180 degree phase cancellation, narrow band delays and indirect frequency pre-emphasis to create a side-chain interference signal. When the FX87 side-chain is mixed back against the original signal, it cancels the specific frequencies where distortion and overload occur, without affecting adjacent frequencies. The EDGE process uses critically spaced (in octaves) tight-time delays to fill the holes left by the 180 degree phase notching. Indirect frequency accents are used to return the natural presence to the original signal.




Also available from worldwide distributors.