"On the GS30. what do the Tremolo choices tr and rE mean?"

These are wave types. tr is a triangle wave and rE is a rectangle wave. Choosing one or the other will give a different character to the tremolo sound.

"When using the Bass30 Phrase Sampler, a click occurs at the end of each recorded phrase. How can this be eliminated?"

At the end of playing a phrase, try palm muting with your picking hand.

"I own a FX?? and it won't switch from effect to bypass or vice-versa.
What's wrong with my pedal?"

When the effect / bypass switch on an FX pedal won't switch or you are receiving a weak signal from the FX pedal, the most common problem is low voltage from run down batteries. Replace and try again. We recommend you use a 9 Volt Alkaline battery. To free yourself from the battery battle you can also purchase a power supply. Your local DOD dealer can readily obtain the right power supply for your needs. The power supply reference chart will help you identify which power supply you need. If replacing the battery does not solve the problem, or you are already using a power supply, you can call the DOD Technical Service Department (See Contacts Page). They will work through the issue, and if necessary, have you send the product in to DOD, or direct you to a DOD Authorized Service Center for repair.

"The effect light on my FX?? pedal won't come on. What's wrong?"

Once again, the typical problem is low voltage from a run down battery. See previous answer for detail.

"Could you send me some cool sounding patches for my (FX7, Tec8G, Tec4, BassTec, VoFX, VoTec, Acoustic1, AcousTec)?"

When developing products especially those with presets, we are mindful of the diverse and broad spectrum of musicians that will use the product. Keeping that in mind we develop sounds and presets that can fit within a large range of musical styles and tastes. That is the main reason that our multi-effect products allow for user programmable presets. We have also heard that some struggle with getting "the sound" they are looking for. Look back here in the future for a page that will give some hints, tips, and out right patches to help get that sound.


"Should I buy individual FX pedals or multi-effect units? Which one
is better?"

While much of the answer relies upon personal preference, there are often differences between FX products and Multi-Effect products. With the recent availability of low priced multi-effects, many have been eager to jump from individual effect pedals to multi-effect pedals. Multi-effect pedals do give more effects for the price and are a value when watching your ever evaporating dollar. Individual pedals do, however, offer better and often a wider range of effect. Why is this? Well, in order to pack all the effects into a multi-effects processor, something has to give. There usually isn't enough room to pack all of the circuitry into the small multi-effect packages. In the end, it really comes down to what application you plan to use your effects in (live, practice) and the sound you are both satisfied and happy with.


"If one of my DOD products breaks is it covered under warrantee?"

If the product in question was purchased under three years ago, then in most cases the product is covered by the product warrantee. You must keep and provide a sales receipt for the product in question. Warrantees are not transferable from owner to owner. Only the original purchaser is covered. Also, once the unit arrives at our customer service center, the warrantee can be declared null and void if the unit has been opened and tampered with, or the unit has been clearly and obviously "mis-used".


"Can I use a power supply I purchased from a local store with my DOD products?"

Check out our power supply reference chart which details the approved power supplies for DOD products. DOD does not suggest, or recommend using a third party power supply. Using a third party power supply can void your warrantee, and worse, can damage your product. Contact your local DOD dealer who can readily obtain DOD power supplies, and eliminate the risks.


"I lost the owners manual for my (DOD Product). How can I get
another copy?"

If you want a original manual, check with your local Authorized DOD Dealer, they will be able to obtain an original through customer service. If you would like to obtain a copy on-line check back here soon. We are working on putting our manuals on our FTP site in PDF format. Here is our FTP site link ftp://ftp.dod.com.