FX25B (discontinued)

Envelope Filter

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The FX25B is the reincarnation of our original envelope filter. You still get that great automatic wah sound, but we've taken it one step further by adding a blend control making the FX25 equally responsive to both the guitar and bass guitar.

Now available as an e-pedal for the DigiTech iStomp.




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FX25B Owner's Manual-English   en  18 KB Jul 26, 2012

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I own a FX?? and it won't switch from effect to bypass or vice-versa. What's wrong with my pedal?

When the effect / bypass switch on an FX pedal won't switch or you are receiving a weak signal from the FX pedal, the most common problem is low voltage from run down batteries. Replace and try again. We recommend you use a 9 Volt Alkaline battery. To free yourself from the battery battle you can also purchase a power supply. Your local DOD dealer can readily obtain the right power supply for your needs. The power supply reference chart will help you identify which power supply you need. If replacing the battery does not solve the problem, or you are already using a power supply, you can call the DOD Technical Service Department (See Contacts Page). They will work through the issue, and if necessary, have you send the product in to DOD, or direct you to a DOD Authorized Service Center for repair.

FX25B (discontinued)

Envelope Filter


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